January 2024


March 20, 2024

This year, as of July 2024, we will be in our TWENTITH year established as the Steaming Tender Restaurant. The journey has been a long-term goal for the owners, Blake and Robin Lamothe, their daughters Scarlet and Linea Lamothe, and the dedicated staff and crew that has worked to bring dreams to reality. Coming into Steaming Tender’s 20 th year will be nothing short of continuing
the dream. In addition to the Steaming Tender, the former Palmer Union Station, the Lamothe family has adopted many other pieces of real estate in downtown Palmer including the former Flynt Construction building. The Flynt Construction building is also known today as the “Pink House”, located just across the east-west tracks. It a Victorian style building that was
designed and built in a very unique fashion; an architectural showcase. Every doorknob is unalike the other, the fireplace mantles are made up of different stones, the vaulted ceilings feature different woods and tins, the exterior granite foundation showcases different textures and colors. The Flynt construction building has been acquired by the Lamothe’s since 2006. Pink was not its original color, inspiration for the pink came from the most famous “Gingerbread Cottage” from the Lamothe’s yearly trips to Martha Vineyard. The goal for this year is to restore the Flynt building with some more mild tones and an array of color and have available retail space for patrons in downtown.

In addition, to the restoration of buildings, the continuation of refurbishing the Steaming Tender Restaurant continues. This year, the goal it to complete the full operating kitchen in the back of the building. The front kitchen will still be in use, but in a lighter affair to serve deli style sandwiches, coffee, and an assortment of bread puddings, including our most famous Whiskey
Bread Pudding. With this addition of a grab and go style luncheon affair we hope to open more hours during the week.

Lastly, this year we will be launching Bygone Excursions trolley tours. Taking the backroads of New England to visit its local wineries and breweries and discovering some of the New England’s hidden gems along the way. To keep updated on all that’s top come please follow Steaming Tender Restaurant on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletters at www.steamingtender.com


The Lamothe Family & Steaming Tender Crew

Get your Steaming Tender ornament!

Steaming Tender Restaurant 24-K gold plated over brass Ornament!

We are so excited to launch our first – limited edition ornament series. Our inspiration stemmed from our family visit to the Biltmore Estate. The Vanderbilt family is a true inspiration for us as they preserved the historic estate and we are here to do the same with the former Palmer Union Station.

Ornaments will come in a custom gold box with velvet interior for the price of $25. Flat shipping rate of $7.