June 10, 2022

As we enter a new month, it feels like the three o’clock Amtrak train has just gone by! Time sure does fly!
There is no correct dictionary definition that describes time. Time is of the essence. Time doesn’t stop.
Time is different for every individual and passerby. In this past month, we have spent our time creating new places to be and things to see!

Palmer once and still is a bustling town. Known as the Town of Seven Railroads, we were the transportation hub. Still today, there are trains passing by daily. As you make your way to Palmer, the bridge you drove over was most likely over a railroad track and not a river. The bump in the road was a railroad track… but also maybe a pothole or two. No matter the hurdles, most roads lead to Palmer we say. Stretching across the United States is Route 20 that makes its way through town. Other major links includes Route 32 and Interstate 91, the MassPike. With its many crossroads, Palmer is a great place to bring people together. As you make your journey down the dirt road to the Steaming Tender Restaurant, on the left, lies an open green space, known as Olmsted Park. Olmsted Park was designed by world renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, his most famous work being Central Park in New York City, when Palmer Union Station was built in 1884. The Park was once filled with gardens and a water feature under the grotto. A lot of restoration has gone underway already in exposing the grotto, brick sidewalks, granite curbing and lush grass.

On May 1st, Lamothe Block will be hosting an Artisan Emporium, where small businesses and artisans can sell their on-of-a-kind items to people near and far! We will be proposing more events in the future on this historic site, which we wish to bring to life! All vendor fees go directly towards the restoration progress of the Historic Olmsted Park.

The Lamothe Family and Steaming Tender staff would like to give recognition to Heather as our Employee of the Month. As you view her in her overall attire greeting guests and being attentive to your whole experience here, she has contributed to the vision and growth of other developments. Heather joined our team in late October of 2021 and has hopped on the train full speed ahead! With guests constantly impressed with her historical knowledge, what you may not know about Heather is that she is s jack of all trades.During her days off from working at the Steaming Tender Restaurant, Heather has been painting, cleaning, staining, organizing, and so much more not only at the restaurant but at our newly revamped Antique Junction. She contributes to bringing a vision to life!

Antique Junction, 1294 South Main Street, is located straight after the restaurants private drive, second building on the right. For the past month, Antique Junction has been under renovations and modernizations. Before Blake and Robin Lamothe opened the Steaming Tender Restaurant in 2004, they both were in the antique business … and still are today! With some fresh and young input from their daughters, they have brought new life to Antique Junction. Come find your piece of history or item to add to your collection. New items are inventoried daily!


The Lamothe Family & Steaming Tender Crew

Get your Steaming Tender ornament!

Steaming Tender Restaurant 24-K gold plated over brass Ornament!

We are so excited to launch our first – limited edition ornament series. Our inspiration stemmed from our family visit to the Biltmore Estate. The Vanderbilt family is a true inspiration for us as they preserved the historic estate and we are here to do the same with the former Palmer Union Station.

Ornaments will come in a custom gold box with velvet interior for the price of $25. Flat shipping rate of $7.