June 10, 2022

We have news for you! The Lamothe Family and the Steaming Tender staff are excited to share our current developments, turning events, outstanding persons and future endeavors here!

We are excited to launch our leatherbound menu to folks dining with us today. Just before the pandemic struck our nation, we made an investment into the hardcover you are holding before your eyes. A week into launching… they were stowed away, and for the past two years have been stored in the hammered coppered trunk you possibly passed in the front foyer. The menu’s design was based on a collaboration of the architecture and antiquity you see throughout the building. The dark leather mimics the waiting bench in the front foyer, the brass tacking represents the studded luggage and trunks that were used for heavy travel and the engraved wooden logo matches the red oak you see climbing up the thirty-five-foot high ceilings.

As you look around the open space and take in the architectural details that captivate the place where you sit, there are many people passing through. There are familiar faces, new faces, and some you may remember but do not see. This past year, our long time Conductor of the Steaming Tender Restaurant, Jennifer M., has achieved her dream of becoming a second-grade teacher. She still makes stops in to ensure we stay in line. In pinstriped attire we have Jennifer L. and Dara, who have made lasting impressions on patrons and continuously contribute to the evolving events and concepts you see in the day-to-day operations. We also have many new people who have come on board within the last year that have made such a positive impact. In the front of the house, we have many new servers – Chido, who has a personality and professionalism that shines and Isabella, who has taken the time to learn the art of serving in just a short amount of time. Other faces you may not see often are working hard to get your meals prepared with passion and flavor and are the true showstoppers. Mike S. joined our team from MGM Springfield and has incorporated great flavors and spice in the dishes you enjoy. Patrick O. has learned each station and has created many specials you hear recited today. Kevin G. is fast paced and lends a helping hand wherever it is needed. Any day of the week you will see a Lamothe here on the premises, whether it be upfront greeting guests, prepping for an event, or in the kitchen executing food, we are always here or there.The Steaming Tender Restaurant and its heritage is something everyone here takes pride in; from the history and antiques, to the food, service, and knowledge. The Steaming Tender Restaurant is not the only place to check out when visiting the area. The Lamothe’s have expanded the adventure to the Trainmaster Inn, which is within walking distance. Once the town Livery, it is now a gorgeous Inn, full of art for those who enjoy small town history, and all things rail-related! To continue the journey along the rails, we opened our authentic 1947 Bangor & Aroostook Caboose for overnight accommodations. Sitting above an active railroad yard, you will feel like you are living the engineer life, with original four bunk beds, full bathroom, and kitchen. The cupola has a bird’s eye view to make sure all is well in the rail yard… but being a railroad supervisor, you will need a break to enjoy a S’more or two, which is provided by the outdoor campfire! With a two-night minimum stay required, you can inquiry at the front desk or call!

Warm weather is around the corner, and we have plans for you! Live music under our canopy, almost every weekend… Artisan fairs, farmers markets & Christmas markets on Olmstead Park. A Beer and Wine Trolley tour throughout Western Massachusetts beginning right here on the premises of Lamothe Block, in Palmer, Mass. Stay right on track with all our latest event and updates through our website www.steamingtender.com and by following us on Facebook!


The Lamothe Family & Steaming Tender Crew

Get your Steaming Tender ornament!

Steaming Tender Restaurant 24-K gold plated over brass Ornament!

We are so excited to launch our first – limited edition ornament series. Our inspiration stemmed from our family visit to the Biltmore Estate. The Vanderbilt family is a true inspiration for us as they preserved the historic estate and we are here to do the same with the former Palmer Union Station.

Ornaments will come in a custom gold box with velvet interior for the price of $25. Flat shipping rate of $7.